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Support Japanwide

Below describes the extent of our Regional Penetration in Japan. We are fully equipped to provide prompt and uniform services throughout Japan (including country-side) irrespective of the location.

Cost Effective

Unikaihatsu Software Offer Cost Effectiveness through….


1. Our Services

Offshore Development Center model

The various off-shoring models have been designed based on our experience of Client Expectations and needs encountered in our journey of servicing the Japanese Clients. Using these models, Japanese Clients can have access the innumerable benefits discussed above to their advantage in reducing their Development Costs.

Support to Japanese Companies in India

Apart from Offshore Software Development and Japanese Language Services, we also play diverse roles in bridging Japanese Clients to their Indian counterparts and make their association with India, smooth and hassle-free. These roles may demand our involvement as front-end/communication channel/hub/vendor for Infrastructure needs. We also cater to Japanese Client for their needs of Local Expertise, Market Research and Software Product Marketing.

2. Advantage INDIA

India is one of the preferred destinations for Offshore Software Development. Following are the reasons, justifying India as one of the most sought after countries for Offshore Software Outsourcing.

Education System

The Indian Education System provides a unique blend of technical knowledge, and communication skills. It is due to the education system that India has, and is producing one of the most talented software programmers in the world today. Indians are respected and acknowledged for there technical skills round the world.

Top Quality Resources at Competitive Price

 If you talk about manpower, Indians are undoubtedly one of the most talented in the world. In India one gets best of brains, at most competitive rates. Indian Professionals work at wages much lower than that in other developed nations. This acts as a magnet for Organizations. Another great quality that people in India have is Adaptability. They are open to change, always willing to learn.


Favorable policies of Indian Government are also a huge advantage for Foreign Companies. Investing into India has become much easier. A special preference is given to the IT sector. Positive changes are taking place in the area of Telecommunications, Electricity, Building of roads etc.


Infrastructure costs in India are lower thus saving significantly on capital.


All the above services are offered at attractive, realistic and competitive prices giving you all benefits of Advantage INDIA.


Our long rendezvous with Japan for over to 2 decades has made us Quality Obsessed. Each member of Unikaihatsu Team starts thinking about the expectations and viewpoint of the client from the word GO. Meeting expectations of the client, to stay committed and to stand by his side till any of the stakes are involved are also major aspects of Quality and Customer Satisfaction. The famous PDCA principle, which many Japanese trust and feel comfortable with, is the operating principle of ISO's Management System Standards. We, therefore, took steps towards it and are ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

To take a closer look at Unikaihatsu Software’s Quality Policy click below image.




ISO 9001:2015 Certification

April 5, 2017.
Unikaihatsu Software Pvt. Ltd. is certified ISO 9001:2015.
The Quality Management System developed by Unikaihatsu Software Pvt. Ltd. for software design, development, testing and delivery has been certified to operate in compliance with international standard ISO 9001:2015.



Process Management - ISO 9001:2015

All process of the Unikaihatsu are managed based on ISO 9001:2015. We improve process contentiously by having periodical feedback from the clients. On need base, we follow the process or Clients. Unikahatsu has developed a process with the objective of customer satisfaction. Have a look at few factors as below.

Team Power

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” and so is our Team Strength. Our team strength lies in the principle that says “Communicate, Communicate, and Communicate”. Each member of Unikaihatsu Team is trained to incorporate the Japanese principle of “Hou-Ren-Sou”, in his/her approach towards work. Hourensou(報連相 - ホウレンソウ)is a Japanese word made up of three parts: hou (houkoku – to report), ren (renraku - to give updates periodically) and sou (soudan - to consult or advise). It means to report out to others frequently, to keep those necessary, informed of your work, while remaining open to feedback and direction from a peer or direct.
Lets have a analytical look at our Team Strength and Sales Breakup.



Employee Breakup

    • Skilled resources from Design to Installation
    • Experienced IT engineers
    • Recruitment of fresh IT engineers every year



Japanese Language Breakup

    • Above 80% IT engineers with Japanese language proficiency
    • Communication possible with Level 3 (mid level)
    • Ability to read/write specification with Business Japanese A
    • Experience in Japanese translation

Functional Domain Breakup

    • Experience in Japan, Europe and India
    • Experience in Globalization and Localization


IT Related Breakup

    • Development / Maintenance more than 50%
    • Experience in Solution and Package development

Bridging The Gap




    • Unikaihatsu has over 2 decades of business experience with India and Japan and hence good understanding of Japanese Culture,Quality, Delivery schedule and Trust
    •     Our Performance in Japan can gauged by below facts
      • Revenues above 98% from Japan since recent years.
      • Experience of mid and small sized projects (20 to 100 person months) in offshore outsourcing.
      • Experience of above 2,500 person months offshore outsourcing.




    • One of the key services in the efforts towards Bridging the Gap is Japanese Training
      •  Language, Culture, Specifications and understanding of Business Manners
      • Understanding accurately rather than literal translation
      • Recognition of “Customer Satisfaction”



 Why Unikaihatsu is Better ?